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Bachelor and Master Theses

Thank you for your interest in writing your bachelor or master thesis in the field of neural information processing. The focus of possible thesis projects will be closely linked to ongoing research projects of our group. Below you can find open thesis projects and the corresponding contact persons.  If the topic you are interested in is not listed, please contact .


Thesis topics
Contact person
Computational modelling of separable resonant circuits controlled by different interneuron types
(Computational Neuroscience, Biophysically Detailed Modeling)

The influence of cell-intrinsic alterations in schizophrenia on oscillatory behavior in cortical neural networks
(Computational Neuroscience, Computational Psychiatry, Spiking Neural Networks&Mean-Field Modeling)

Automated validation and comparison of models of neurophysiological and neurocognitive biomarkers ofpsychiatric disorders
(Computational Neuroscience, Computational Psychiatry, Neuroinformatics)

The effect of alterations of schizophrenia-associated gene variants on stimulus-specific adaptation in auditory cortex
(Computational Neuroscience, Computational Psychiatry, Biophysically Detailed Modeling)

Meta-learning techniques in Reinforcement Learning, with applications on multi-agent cooperative tasks. The game of Hanabi.

Complex Network Measures of Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity in Schizophrenia
(Connectomics, Neuropsychiatric Disorder, Network Science, Computational Psychiatry)

Counting People on Image Sequences Using Neural Turing Machines
(can only be done as a master thesis)

Risk-sensitive choice and reinforcement learning under incomplete information

Hierarchical reinforcement learning representations in entromedial prefrontal cortex

Top-down vs. bottom-up guidance of eye movements in real-world scene search




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