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neurolib is a computational framework for whole-brain modeling written in Python. more to: neurolib


A python tool for slow wave detection and labelling more to: Sleepy

Potential - Support Vector Machine

P-SVM is a software for support vector classification, regression and feature extraction more to: Potential - Support Vector Machine

Hyper-Ellipsoidal Conjugate Gradient Descent

Hyper-Ellipsoidal Conjugate Gradient Descent is an algorithm, that can be used for sparse optimization of second order kernel method more to: Hyper-Ellipsoidal Conjugate Gradient Descent

BOiS - Berlin Object in Scene Database

Controlled photographic images for visual search experiments with quantified contextual priors more to: BOiS - Berlin Object in Scene Database


A Privacy-Friendly Dataset for Automated Passenger Counting in Public Transport more to: Berlin-APC


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