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Detecting Connected Components and Communities in Hypergraphs

From this page you can download the algorithm for decomposing a
3-partite 3-uniform hypergraph stored in a database into its
normal and hyperincident connected components.



If you use this software, please cite:

Neubauer, N. and Obermayer, K. (2009). Hyperincident Connected Components in Tagging Networks. ACM SIGIWEB Newsletter. Association for Computing Machinery, 229 – 238.

Also, you can download several software packages for
multi-partite community detection in hypergraphs.

mpcd (Multi-Partite Community Detection)

performs community detection based on multi-partite modularity


mpcb (Multi-Partite Community Benchmarking)

evaluates community detection algorithms based on three different
families of synthetic benchmark hypergraphs.

mpcb.zip, with data: mpcb_with_data.zip

mpce (Multi-Partite Community Exploration)

allows for the interactive exploration of community detection
results such as the ones provided by mpcd.



If you use this software, please cite:

Neubauer, N. and Obermayer, K. (2011). Tripartite community structure in social bookmarking data. New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, 267-294.

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