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The Role of the Cortical Magnification Factor in Ocular Dominance Development (a Model Study)
Zitatschlüssel Wies01
Autor Wiesing, P. and Obermayer, K.
Buchtitel Soc. Neurosci. Abstr.
Jahr 2001
Jahrgang 27, Program No. 27.3
Zusammenfassung The cortical magnification factor is a measure for the size of the (visual) cortical area which is devoted to the analysis of a certain area in visual space. It is usually given in units of square millimeter cortex per square degree of visual space, and it changes with excentricity. One may hypothesize that this change is related to (either as a cause or an effect) changes in the orderly layout of neuronal response properties across visual cortex, i.e. changes in the spatial pattern of cortical maps. Using a Hebbian model of activity driven neural development [1,2,3] we have investigated the influence of the cortical magnification on the formation of topographic maps and ocular dominance bands. While there are no qualitative changes of the emerging patterns, we find that cortical magnification affects the onset of the formation of ocular dominance bands. For larger values of the magnification factor, for example, the onset of the formation of ocular dominance requires a higher degree of correlation in the activity between both eyes, a higher degree of cortical competition, or a higher size of the geniculo-cortical arbor function. We quantitatively characterize these dependencies by means of analytical calculations and numerical simulations. We also examine the relationship between the periodicities of the ocular dominance bands, the size of the receptive fields, a potential unequal strength of projections from the two eyes, the strength of cortical competition, and the areal magnification factor. [1] Piepenbrock \\\& Obermayer, NIPS [2] Piepenbrock \\\& Obermayer, Biol. Cybern. [3] Dayan-paper from NIPS Supported by: 061113/Z/00
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