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NAPC: A Neural Algorithm for Automated Passenger Counting in Public Transport on a Privacy-Friendly Dataset
Zitatschlüssel Seidel2022
Autor Seidel, R. and Jahn, N. and Seo, S. and Goerttler, T. and Obermayer, K.
Seiten 33-44
Jahr 2022
DOI 10.1109/OJITS.2021.3139393
Journal IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Jahrgang 3
Zusammenfassung Real-time load information in public transport is of high importance for both passengers and service providers. Neural algorithms have shown a high performance on various object counting tasks and play a continually growing methodological role in developing automated passenger counting systems. However, the publication of public-space video footage is often contradicted by legal and ethical considerations to protect the passengers’ privacy. This work proposes an end-to-end Long Short-Term Memory network with a problem-adapted cost function that learned to count boarding and alighting passengers on a publicly available, comprehensive dataset of approx.13,000 manually annotated low-resolution 3D LiDAR video recordings (depth information only) from the doorways of a regional train. These depth recordings do not allow the identification of single individuals. For each door opening phase, the trained models predict the correct passenger count (ranging from 0 to 67) in approx.96% of boarding and alighting, respectively. Repeated training with different training and validation sets confirms the independence of this result from a specific test set.
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