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Multistable Quantum Systems: Information Processing at Microscopic Levels
Zitatschlüssel Obermayer1987
Autor Obermayer, K. and Mahler, G. and Haken, H.
Seiten 1792 – 1795
Jahr 1987
DOI 10.1103/PhysRevLett.58.1792
Journal Physical Review Letters
Jahrgang 58
Zusammenfassung We demonstrate that solid-state material when microstructured on a nanometer scale leads not only to discrete electronic energy levels but to selective coupling of the electronic states via local operators due to acoustic-phonon or dipole interaction. As a result the system can be designed to allow for multistable dissipative quantum dynamics realized by only a few electronic degrees of freedom. Our model sheds some new light on the problem of fundamental constraints on information processing systems.
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