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A New Particle Tracking Algorithm Based on Deterministic Annealing and Alternative Distance Measures
Citation key Stellmacher2000
Author Stellmacher, M. and Obermayer, K.
Pages 506 – 518
Year 2000
ISSN 0723-4864
DOI 10.1007/s003480050412
Journal Experiments in Fluids
Volume 28
Number 6
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Abstract We describe a new particle tracking algorithm for the interrogation of double frame single exposure data which is obtained with particle image velocimetry. The new procedure is based on an algorithm which has recently been proposed by Gold et al. (1995) for solving point matching problems in statistical pattern recognition. For a given interrogation window, the algorithm simultaneously extracts: (1) the correct correspondences between particles in both frames and (2) an estimate of the local flow-field parameters. Contrary to previous methods, the algorithm determines not only the local velocity, but other local components of the flow field, for example rotation and shear. This makes the new interrogation method superior to standard methods in particular in regions with high velocity gradients (e.g. vortices or shear flows). We perform benchmarks with three standard particle image velocimetry (PIV) and particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) methods: cross-correlation, nearest neighbour search, and image relaxation. We show that the new algorithm requires less particles per interrogation window than cross-correlation and allows for much higher particle densities than the other PTV methods. Consequently, one may obtain the velocity field at high spatial resolution even in regions of very fast flows. Finally, we find that the new algorithm is more robust against out-of-plane noise than previously proposed methods.
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