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Analysis of Neural Data

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Theoretical analysis of the information carried by the contrast response functions of M-cells, P-cells and V1 neurons
Citation key mart09a
Author R. Martin and Y. Tadmor and K. Obermayer
Title of Book BMC Neuroscience
Pages P131
Year 2009
ISSN 1471-2202
DOI 10.1186/1471-2202-10-S1-P131
Journal BMC Neuroscience
Volume 10
Number Suppl 1
Abstract First paragraph (this article has no abstract) Many types of contrast sensitive neurons have been shown to maximize the mutual information between their response and the distribution of contrasts in natural images: The contrast response functions (CRF) of the fly large monopolar cell [1], cat X- and Y-retinal ganglion cells (RGC) and LGN neurons, cat V1 neurons, and macaque retinal and LGN M-cells [2,3] can be predicted from the respective contrast distributions using histogram equalization/infomax principles. However, macaque P-RGC, -LGN and V1 neurons are less sensitive to contrast than optimal information transmission would predict.
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