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A New Method for Tracking Modulations in Tonal Music in Audio Data Format
Citation key Purwins2000a
Author Purwins, P. and Blankertz, B. and Obermayer, K.
Title of Book Neural Networks - IJCNN 2000
Pages 270 – 275
Year 2000
Volume 6
Publisher IEEE Computer Society
Abstract Cq-profiles are 12-dimensional vectors, each component referring to a pitch class. They can be employed to represent keys. Cq-profiles are calculated with the constant Q filter bank (Brown \& Puckette 92). They have the following advantages: (i) They correspond to probe tone ratings. (ii) Calculation is possible in real-time.(iii) Stability is obtained with respect to sound quality. (iv) They are transposable. By using the cq-profile technique as a simple auditory model in combination with the SOM (Kohonen 82) an arrangement of keys emerges, that resembles results from psychological experiments (Krumhansl \& Kessler 82), and from music theory. Cq-profiles are reliably applied to modulation tracking by introducing a special distance measure.
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