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A Comparison of a Neural Network Model for the Formation of Brain Maps with Experimental Data
Citation key Obermayer1992d
Author Obermayer, K. and Schulten, K. and Blasdel, G.G.
Title of Book Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 4
Pages 83 – 90
Year 1992
Editor D. S. Touretzky and R. Lippman
Publisher Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Abstract Recently, high resolution images of the simultaneous representation of orientation preference, orientation selectivity and ocular dominance have been obtained for large areas in monkey striate cortex by optical imaging [1-3]. These data allow for the first time a "local" as well as "global" description of the spatial patterns and provide strong evidence for correlations between orientation selectivity and ocular dominance. A quantitative analysis reveals that these correlations arise when a fivedimensional feature space (two dimensions for retinotopic space, one each for orientation preference, orientation specificity, and ocular dominance) is mapped into the two available dimensions of cortex while locally preserving topology. These results provide strong evidence for the concept of topology preserving maps which have been suggested as a basic design principle of striate cortex [4-7].
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