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Khakimova, L., Malinowski, R., Obst, D., Tönnies, E., Antonenko, D., Obermayer, K. H. J. and Flöel, A. (In press). Towards Optimization of Oscillatory Stimulation during Sleep [22]. Neuromodulation

Alevi, D., Stimberg, M., Sprekeler, H., Obermayer, K. and Augustin, M. (In press). Brian2CUDA: Flexible and Efficient Simulation of Spiking Neural Network Models on GPUs [23]. Front. Neuroinform.


Cakan, C., Dimulescu, C., Khakimova, L., Obst, D., Flöel, A. and Obermayer, K. (2022). Spatiotemporal patterns of adaptation-induced slow oscillations in a whole-brain model of slow-wave sleep [24]. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 15, 800101.

Jajcay, N., Cakan, C. and Obermayer, K. (2022). Cross-frequency slow oscillation-spindle coupling in a biophysically realistic thalamocortical neural mass model [25]. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 16, 769860.

Goerttler, T., Müller, L. and Obermayer, K. (2022). Representation Change in Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning [26]. ICLR Blog Track

Seidel, R., Jahn, N., Seo, S., Goerttler, T. and Obermayer, K. (2022). NAPC: A Neural Algorithm for Automated Passenger Counting in Public Transport on a Privacy-Friendly Dataset [27]. IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 3, 33-44.

Rebscher, L., Obermayer, K. and Metzner, C. (2022). Synchronization through Uncorrelated Noise in Excitatory-Inhibitory Networks [28]. Front. Comput. Neurosci., 16

Salfenmoser, L. and Obermayer, K. (2022). Nonlinear Optimal Control of a Mean-field Model of Neural Population Dynamics [29]. Front. Comput. Neurosci., 16


Goerttler, T. and Obermayer, K. (2021). Exploring the Similarity of Representations in Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning [30]. Learning to Learn workshop at ICLR 2021

Müller, L., Ploner, M., Goerttler, T. and Obermayer, K. (2021). An Interactive Introduction to Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning [31]. Workshop on Visualization for AI Explainability at IEEE VIS

Dimulescu, C., Gareayaghi, S., Kamp, F., Fromm, S., K., O. and Metzner, C. (2021). Structural Differences between Healthy Subjects and Patients with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder: A Graph and Control Theoretical Perspective [32]. Front. Psychiatry, 2021

Chouzouris, T., Roth, N., Cakan, C. and K., O. (2021). Applications of Optimal Nonlinear Control to a Whole-brain Network of FitzHugh-Nagumo Oscillators [33]. Phys. Rev. E, 2021

Cakan, C., Jajcay, N. and Obermayer, K. (2021). neurolib: A Simulation Framework for Wholebrain Neural Mass Modeling [34]. Cognit. Comput., 2021

Ramakrishnan, K. and Deniz, F. (2021). Complementarity of information in word-embedding and brain representations in distinguishing between concrete and abstract words [35]. ,


Cakan, C. and Obermayer, K. (2020). Biophysically grounded mean-field models of neural populations under electrical stimulation [36]. PLOS Computational Biology, 2020

Koren, V., Andrei, A., Hu, M., Dragol, V. and Obermayer, K. (2020). Pair-wise Synchrony and Correlations Depend on the Structure of the Population Code in Visual Cortex [37]. Cell Reports, 2020


Koren, V., Andrei, A., Hu, M., Dragoi, V. and Obermayer, K. (2019). Reading-out task variables as a low-dimensional reconstruction of parallel spike trains in single trials [38]. PLoS ONE, 14(10), 24.

Seo, S., Beck, A., Matthis, C., Genauck, A., Banaschewski, T., Bokde, A., Bromberg, U., Büchel, C., Quinlan, E., Flor, H., Frouin, V., Garavan, H., Gowland, P., Ittermann, B., Martinot, J., Martinot, M., Nees, F., Orfanos, D., Poustka, L., Hohmann, S., Froehner, J., Smolka, M., Walter, H., Whelan, R., Desrivieres, S., Heinz, A., Schumann, G. and Obermayer, K. (2019). Risk Profiles for Heavy Drinking in Adolescence: Differential Effects of Gender [39]. Addiction Biology, 24, 787-801.

Ladenbauer, J. and Obermayer, K. (2019). Weak Electric Fields Promote Resonance in Neuronal Spiking Activity: Analytical Results from Two-compartment Cell and Network Models [40]. PLoS Computational Biology, 15

Mergenthaler, K., Oschmann, F. and Obermayer, K. (2019). Glutamate Uptake by Astrocytic Transporters [41]. Computational Glioscience, 329-361.

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