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Cortical Reorganization Consistent with Spike Timing- but not Correlation-Dependent Plasticity
Citation key Young2007a
Author Young, J. and Waleszczyk, W. and Wang, C. and Calford, M. and Dreher, B. and Obermayer, K.
Pages 887 – 889
Year 2007
DOI 10.1038/nn1913
Journal Nat. Neurosci.
Volume 10
Abstract The receptive fields of neurons in primary visual cortex that are inactivated by retinal damage are known to 'shift' to nondamaged retinal locations, seemingly due to the plasticity of intracortical connections. We have observed in cats that these shifts occur in a pattern that is highly convergent, even among receptive fields that are separated by large distances before inactivation. Here we show, using a computational model of primary visual cortex, that the observed convergent shifts are inconsistent with the common assumption that the underlying intracortical connection plasticity is dependent on the temporal correlation of pre- and postsynaptic action potentials. The shifts are, however, consistent with the hypothesis that this plasticity is dependent on the temporal order of pre- and postsynaptic action potentials. This convergent reorganization seems to require increased neuronal gain, revealing a mechanism that networks may use to selectively facilitate the didactic transfer of neuronal response properties.
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