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A Model for Intrinsic and Activity Dependent Mechanisms Underlying the Regeneration of the Retinotectal Map in Goldfish
Citation key Weber1995
Author Weber, C. and Ritter, H. and Cowan, J. and Obermayer, K.
Title of Book Artificial Neural Networks - ICANN 95
Pages 491 – 496
Year 1995
Volume 2
Editor Malsburg, C. and von Seelen, W. and Vorbrüggen, J.C. and Sendhoff, B.
Abstract We have developed a mathematical framework to study the interplay of processes thought to be involved in the development of the retinotectal projection. Our model consists of two input layers which correspond to the retinae of both eyes, and one output layer which corresponds to either the right or the left half of the tectum. The connections between eyes and tectum are described by effective synaptic weights and their development is governed by four interacting processes: Fiber-tectum interaction, intrinsic within-eye fiber-fiber interaction, intrinsic between-eye fiber-fiber interaction and activity based within-eye fiber-fiber interaction. We are able to reproduce all reported experiments with the same set of model parameters, as long as the outcome does not depend on debris of old retinal fibers.
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