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Synapse Clustering Can Drive Simultaneous ON-OFF and Ocular Dominance Segregation in a Model of Area 17
Citation key Stetter1997b
Author Stetter, M. and Lang, E.W., and Obermayer, K.
Title of Book Artificial Neural Networks - ICANN 97
Pages 189 – 194
Year 1997
ISBN 978-3-540-63631-1
ISSN 0302-9743
DOI 10.1007/BFb0020154
Note 7th International Conference Lausanne, Switzerland, October 8–10, 1997 Proceeedings
Editor W. Gerstner and A. Germond and M. Hasler and J. Nicoud
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Abstract In the primary visual cortex of monkeys, the development of ocular dominance and orientation selectivity is at least partially driven by neural activity . We propose a modified Hebb-type learning mechanism, which takes into account non-sp ecific components of activity-dependent synaptic modification. It is shown analytically , that o cular dominance and ON-OFF-segregation occur simultaneously in a linear network as soon as left-eye and right-eye synapses tend to cluster on the surface of the postsynaptic neuron. Simulations show, that this mechanism is robust against the introduction of network nonlinearities such as rectifying transfer functions and in tracortical recurrency. The results imply, that details of single cell properties can have considerable influence on the behaviour of high level developmental models.
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