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A Model for the Development of the Spatial Structure of Retinotopic Maps and Orientation Columns
Citation key Obermayer1992c
Author Obermayer, K. and Ritter, H. and Schulten, K.
Pages 537 – 545
Year 1992
Journal IEICE T Fune
Volume 75A
Note rerinted in: The Princiles of Organization Colums - Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity
Editor Baskin, A. and Mittenthal, J.
Abstract Topographic maps begin to be recognized as one of the major computational structures underlying neural computation in the brain. They provide dimension-reducing projections between feature spaces that seem to be established and maintained under the participation of selforganizing, adaptive processes. In this contribution, we investigate how well the structure of such maps can be replicated by simple adaptive processes of the kind proposed by Kohonen(15). We will particularly address the important issue, how the dimensionality of the input space affects the spatial organization of the resulting map.
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