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A Model for the Depth-Dependence of Receptive Field Size and Contrast Sensitivity of Cells in Layer 4C of Macaque Striate Cortex
Citation key Bauer1999
Author Bauer, U. and Scholz, M. and Levitt, J. and Obermayer, K. and Lund, J.
Pages 613 – 629
Year 1999
DOI 10.1016/S0042-6989(98)00172-2
Journal Vision Research
Volume 39
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract A model of LGN input to layer 4C of macaque primary visual cortex has been used to test the hypothesis that feedforward convergence of P and M inputs on to layer 4C spiny stellate neurons is suffcient to explain the observed gradual change in receptive field size and contrast sensitivity with depth in the layer. Overlap of dendrites of postsynaptic neurons between M and P input zones proved sufficient to explain change in the lower two-thirds of layer 4C, while more rapid change in upper 4C was matched by proposing two different M inputs with partial overlap in upper 4C alpha.
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