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The Adaptive Bottle
Citation key Adiloglu2008a
Author Adiloglu, K. and Annies, R. and Visell, Y. and Drioli, C. and Obermayer, K.
Title of Book Proceedings International Computer Music Conference
Pages (1 – 4)
Year 2008
Publisher International Computer Music Association
Abstract Sound design for products is investigated in this paper as a task that (1) involves different aspects of aesthetics and (2) can use judgments of subjects to measure their quality and guide the design process. Adaptive Bottle shows an exemplified sound design process, which optimizes the input parameters of a physically based sound model using human evaluation in an interactive way. It demonstrates how a 2D parameter space can be searched iteratively. The interaction with the bottle simulates the action of pouring liquid and the emerging sound by this action. Three optimization experiments have been performed with human subjects, each starting with different initial parameter settings. For each experiment, we observe that the resulting parameter values of the subjects converge to the same region in the parameter space.
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