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Garg, A., Obermayer, K. and Bhaumik, B. (2005). Development of Feedforward Receptive Field Structure of a Simple Cell and its Contribution to the Orientation Selectivity: A Modeling Study. International Journal of Neural Systems, 15, 55 – 70.

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Hochreiter, S., Mozer, M. and Obermayer, K. (2003). Coulomb Classifiers: Generalizing Support Vector Machines via an Analogy to Electrostatic Systems. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 15. MIT Press, 561 – 568.,

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Mohr, J., Hess, A., Scholz, M. and Obermayer, K. (2003). Segmentation of 2 1/2 D Brain Image Stacks with Automatic Extraction and Visualization of Functional Information. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference of Image Processing - ICIP03, 1089 – 1092.,

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